Heading to Chicago

This week I will be in Chicago meeting with customers in the area and attending the RSNA show. Radiology creates large storage archives and managing these can stretch the budgets of healthcare IT departments to the breaking point. When budgets get tightened healthcare IT departments start to call Zerowait for an affordable solution to the costs associated with their storage infrastructure.

IT departments are beginning to recognize that keeping their HIPAA compliant images on spinning media for the long term is getting very expensive because there is an upward spiraling cost of administration and system upgrades, but there is also a recognition that the costs of maintaining and keeping disks spinning costs a bundle of money also.

This week at the conference we will be talking to our customers about how to stretch their budgets using transferable licensed filers, and switching to our third party hardware support and services. Nothing new here, just trying to help our customers get the most out of their IT budgets.

It should be an interesting conference.

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