Saying thank you

This morning one of our customers in Texas called me to tell me to thank our engineering staff for helping them solve a thorny issue with one of their clusters. Our staff worked on Friday, and over the weekend they monitored the situation. The customer really appreciated all the support he had gotten from our staff, and wanted to tell me about it.

This particular semiconductor customer came to Zerowait for our third party service and support after NetApp tried to force them to upgrade their perfectly good systems by raising their price of support to ridiculous levels in 2003 . NetApp’s dedicated sales team wanted the company to buy new equipment, and they wanted to keep their legacy systems running. Zerowait provided a support policy for them that has maintained their High Availability systems in top shape at very reasonable costs for 5 years now.

High Availability storage systems do not get cranky just because the OEM has come out with a newer model. So why does NetApp charge so much for legacy storage support? Only the suits at NetApp know for sure.

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