Wall Street Journal article on IT belt tightening

To say that many enterprise IT departments are cutting back on their IT expenditures would not be surprising to many of our customers. But it is interesting to notice that the Wall Street Journal has written an article on the issue. Many of our customers are asking us to help them Tweak and Tune their NetApp storage to make the equipment last longer and provide more usable storage to them. The WSJ mentions how companies are reviewing their infrastructure.

“Mr. Rapken met with his lieutenants and decided he could trim his budget for 2008 by 10%, an amount between $10 million and $20 million. The savings would come from replacing employee PCs every four years instead of every three years, delaying a payroll-software upgrade, reducing the company’s use of contract workers, and leaving vacant positions unfilled while laying off a small number of workers.

At the same time, Mr. Rapken had ideas to use technology to improve his company’s overall efficiency: He is spending less than $300,000 to tweak software that YRC already owns, so that it better automates how freight is moved and tracked. The change is expected to improve workers’ productivity, ultimately lowering overall costs.”

There are many ways to unlock your storage system’s potential and also to extend the lifespan of the equipment. Most companies have ever expanding computer storage requirements, but only a limited budget. Extending the lifespan of your systems and unlocking their storage potential is a great way to stretch your budget dollars.

Before you buy new, why not check to see what your legacy systems can do? They are not outdated just because the vendor’s sales team and engineering staff tell you it is.

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