New England customers

Last week I was in New England visiting some of our customers . It was a great trip and it looks like we will picking up some more business from our clients. All the folks I met with are trying to save on their storage costs, and they recognize that our pricing model saves them a lot of budget dollars while allowing them to maintain their high reliability storage infrastructures.

A few of the customers I met touched on the costs of energy as part of their infrastructures. With budgets tight, and operational costs rising, purchasing new equipment has been pushed back and so our legacy support policies and pricing help them in a couple of ways. They can stretch their equipment lifespan and still afford their rising utility bills.

Teddy Roosevelt said in his autobiography
“Americans learn only from catastrophe and not from experience.”

Data centers and their operating costs may be a leading indicator of a looming problem. It seems that it may be time to start drilling and mining our domestic energy resources, as the costs and political intrigues of importing energy may be getting unsustainable, if costs continue to escalate. Outsourcing our data centers to other countries where energy is less expensive may happen if we don’t get energy costs under control.

As costs rise markets will find a solution, which is why customers come to Zerowait for an affordable support solution as compared to their OEM’s plans. Similarly, as energy costs increase, we need to find cheaper alternatives to our current suppliers. Affordable energy is a keystone required for economic growth.

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