Last week I went to see some of our extended family of customers in the southeast. I visited customers in Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; and St.Petersburg, FL. It is always great to get out of the office and meet with our customers. Each of the customers I visited, really likes the reliability of their NetApp equipment and appreciates our ability to help them meet their high availability storage requirements without breaking their IT budget.

One customer mentioned that we saved them almost $100,000.00 on support costs this year, without sacrificing any reliability. This customer recognizes that they are locked into NetApp’s storage architecture, they like NetApp reliability, but they can’t afford to buy their support from NetApp. Many customers that we support, continue to buy new NetApp equipment for their high performance requirements, and allow us to support their legacy equipment which needs to be reliably serviced.

Over lunch with another customer I was asked by the CIO if they could be a reference customer for Zerowait. I told the customer that I would really appreciate that.

We really have a great group of customers, and it is a lot of fun talking with them and learning how they use their NetApp storage, and how much they like working with our team at Zerowait.

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