Customers are getting tired of “NyetApp”

Over the last few weeks we have been hearing from a lot of companies who are getting really tired of their NetApp Sales Reps and engineers telling them they need to upgrade their systems. When customers ask to see how the new equipment compares to their old equipment the salesman talk about capacity and bigger drives. But many of the customers we speak to have not maxed out their current storage architecture, so why should they upgrade? Customers are saying “Nyet, not now” – and calling Zerowait looking for affordable storage expansion options for their filers.

When NetApp’s own engineers admit that a small percentage of files are accessed regularly, customers wonder why they need to upgrade their complete storage infrastructure? Why not just a little bit – the part that needs fast access? Our customers are saying Nyet to migrating all their storage to a new NetApp solution. At Zerowait we understand that budgets are tight. That is why we advise customers to upgrade just what they need now. Storage gets cheaper over time, why not wait until you need it.

Since NetApp’s own researchers are publishing that most files are ‘stale’ , why are their sales engineers telling current customers to buy new equipment? Is it the technology or the commission schedule that excites these folks? Should customers pay attention to NetApp’s researchers, or should they pay attention to the Sales teams? Currently many customers are confused and asking Zerowait’s engineers for honest answers to their storage questions.

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