Another trip to Dallas

I have been visiting customers for the last couple of days in the Dallas area, and last night 8 members of our customer family met for dinner at Del Friscos. We had a great time talking tech and trading ideas. It is always fun when we can get together with a group of customers so that they can meet each other and discuss their common network and storage problems. Last night we really had a great time.

As I write this, I am at DFW waiting for a flight back home. You can certainly learn a lot about bad customer service techniques at an airport. It seems that all the employees are unhappy and the customers are unhappy. The TSA lines and techniques are a fiasco. It does not look like there are any quick solutions to all the problems in the airline business, but it certainly makes me glad that I am a pilot and can fly to many places on my own without the hassles of airline travel. A few weeks ago I flew to Charlotte, Atlanta and St. Petersburg to visit clients. At every airport FBO the folks were happy to help arrange cars and hotel rooms. The difference is night and day in attitudes and customer service. Smaller companies just seem to give better service in the aviation busness, perhaps it is because they are service oriented?

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