Helping our local business community

The financial panic has hit Wilmington, Delaware. Many of the companies in the news have offices here – AIG, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Bank of America, etc. As a member of the Delaware business community we are offering to help the local financial institutions by helping them lower their costs of support and maintenance for their NetApp storage infrastructures. The employees of these companies are our neighbors and friends. If we can help these companies to reduce maintenance costs perhaps these large companies can retain some of their highly trained IT staff who are our neighbors.

Tough times call for creative solutions and Zerowait has been providing an affordable alternative to NetApp for service and support for many years for some of the largest companies in the world. Since the Dot Com bust NetApp has focused on the financial sector, and their business grew over the last few years. But now these financial companies are hurting, and their workers are looking for reliable solutions that they can afford.

We recognize that a lot of local companies are hurting right now, and we have solutions that can help them maintain their high availability storage while they are cutting their budgets. Let’s work together to solve today’s problems and let other people assign blame. If you work for a financial institution with offices in Delaware, give us a call and we will give you an additional 5% off our already low prices.

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