NetApp Cancels Conference, why not make it a Job Fair?

Everyone seems to have noticed that NetApp has canceled its much hyped Customer Conference. The NetApp folks are blaming the economy. It is interesting that NetApp is saying that their customers are unable to travel to the customer conference, because of travel restrictions caused by the economy.

“NetApp said in a statement that the cancellation was caused by “customer feedback about increasing restrictions on corporate travel,” as well as “today’s climate of economic uncertainty.”

Admittedly Zerowait’s customer conference in Reno in September was a smaller event than NetApp was planning. But our customers had a great time and learned from each other how to maximize their NetApp infrastructure and get the most out of their storage investments. At the conference we had frank discussions on how to extend their NetApp equipment’s life cycle and get more value from their storage. So by traveling to our conference our customers learned new techniques for saving their companies substantial amounts of money.

In light of the economic situation that caused NetApp to cancel their conference perhaps they can recast it as a job fair for customers who are losing their jobs, or a conference that will show their clients how to save their budgets? At the least a Job Fair would be a great way for NetApp to help their loyal customers that understand their technology find new positions in commercial sectors that are still growing.

Zerowait is still growing, and we are always looking for qualified candidates to help us with the service and support of NetApp equipment around the world. If you are a highly qualified NetApp engineer please send us your qualifications, we may be able to help you and a customer of ours.

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