Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a great time of the year to say thank you to all of Zerowait’s customers and friends. It is also a good time to look back and recognize how lucky I was personally to grow up in Delaware and have the ability to start a company with just an idea. My idea has grown into an international company thanks to the hard work and determination of our team members to satisfy our customers needs.

Often the hardest part of getting any company off the ground is learning how to communicate your ideas clearly. Dave Hitz, the founder of NetApp was featured in Entrepreneur magazine recently and noticed the same thing, and states in the magazine that communication skills were very important to growing his company.

When a company is little, there’s just a handful of you. It’s relatively simple to get that group of people to figure out where they are going. As the company grows, one of the biggest challenges is to get all of the people headed in the same direction. To accomplish that, you need to be a loudmouth, and I mean that broadly. You need to talk, you need to write. Writing is an extremely powerful tool. It helps you test your thinking. Writing is also a great way of communicating to lots of people at once. I started a blog and I’ve written papers that I call future histories, which are my best attempts to describe how I think the world is going to look three years out, sometimes further.

Dave clearly is a visionary and a very good writer, it is a good time of the year to say thanks to Dave for helping to create a new market sector.

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