Dell to Manufacture Vordel’s XML Networking Appliances

Dell which has built systems for many smaller companies for years is rapidly expanding the service and support for the appliances it bulds for companies.

Katherine Bennett, Director, Dell EMEA ISG said: “This announcement today with Vordel is another example of Dell’s innovative approach of working with companies to enable them to achieve greater supply chain efficiencies, enhanced global support and ultimately, offer significant value to their customer base.”

What is interesting is that there are companies like Tallmaple that are making it easier and easier for companies to build appliance solutions based on their platform.

Creating an internet appliance typically takes your development team the better part of a year just to design, implement, and test the software elements. Significant time is spent handling the base operating system, build system, packaging, licensing, and manufacturing the product, and as new features are added they further extend the base appliance’s functionality.

It is interesting to see the convergence of these developments, where a company can use a development package to accelerate the development process and use Dell or a similar company to create the marketable product.

It is an interesting time and I think that there will be a lot of storage companies embracing this technology and convergence to create :
NAS and SAN Storage Servers
Database and Data Warehouse Network Appliances

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