DC , Atlanta and Charlotte

Last week I went to visit customers and friends in DC, Atlanta and Charlotte. Our list of government customers is growing as time goes by for a number of reasons. Just like everyone else the government needs to stretch their budgets and recognizes that storage subsystems that were built for high availability a few years ago, remain reliable even after they are superseded by the manufacturer’s newest models. Maximizing the capacity of the heads that are in place makes a lot of sense with your and my budget dollars. Thanks uncle Sam .

In the strange twisted intersection of Government and the financial sector that has been brought about by the recent infusions of Government money into the banking system, there has been a uptick in interest in our services at banks that are NetApp users also. These banks are also looking to stretch their storage infrastructure’s lifespan beyond the OEM’s End Of Life statements.

Thoughts of economizing on network and storage equipment seems to be going on in both the Government sector and the financial sector, and from the meetings it seems that there is a general understanding that maintaining equipment that performs well is a logical and cost effective way to stretch everyone’s budget dollars.

Tough economic times have often inspired creative solutions to problems, and more and more companies are recognizing that our company provides a reliable way to manage and maintain their storage assets for the long term, and they are asking us to provide them more services also.

Also, today I want to say thank you for search storage for citing my blog in a recent article.

It still surprises me to see who reads my blog on a regular basis.

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