Upcoming Events

Over the next few weeks the Zerowait folks are going to be at some trade shows and also I will be featured on a panel on cloud computing. The events start this week on Friday with Cloudslam09 the virtual conference on cloud computing. If you want to learn more about cloud computing sign up for Cloudslam09.

Next we will be doing a small government show in the DC area at NRL on May 14th, and the following week we will be at the EMC World Conference in Orlando May 18th – 21.

A lot of customers can’t go to trade shows this year because of budget constraints, which has caused the Zerowait staff to travel more than we normally do. Business has to go on, and savvy businesses are embracing our high availability services to maintain their legacy equipment for longer periods than in the past. The upgrade cycle pushed by their storage vendor is often cost prohibitive and for today’s budget minded enterprises. Vendor’s with punitive support pricing models are causing customers to review their strategic storage purchases, and our company is there to help customers maintain their service levels while they review their future storage purchases.

It is going to be a busy few weeks.

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