A sense of humor

Many times a day we get to laugh with our customers over something that happens or an interesting turn of a phrase in a piece of marketing material or in press release. Sometimes people send us an email with a funny turn of a phrase and today we got a good one.

We have received a support renewal quotation from NetApp at post-warranty rates and fell off our chairs. (Have you heard this story before?) “

NetApp builds great products, and they are very reliable. But NetApp is a box selling company and not a service and support company. Therefore, NetApp needs to keep renewal support quotes high to incentivize customers to purchase new equipment. There is nothing wrong with that business model, and over the years it has worked very well for NetApp and most of their customers. But there are customers who value longevity in high availability product support, and that is where Zerowait shines. If NetApp customers are happy with their equipment and don’t want to buy the latest model, we provide them with legacy service and support at a very reasonable price point.

It is a really simple value proposition for most folks to understand…. if you are happy with what the equipment you have, we will provide you support at a price that will keep you happy. Even in today’s budget constrained situations we can help you stay seated on your chairs.

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