Is Zerowait a Solution Provider?

Of course we are, but we don’t fit the standard model. Zerowait provides creative solutions to customers’ storage requirements every day. For example our Legacy NetApp service contracts provides customers who are looking to redeploy their superseded NetApp equipment into a secondary or tertiary role the support they need at an affordable price. For other customers, we provide them with the confidence they need to make certain that they have the parts and technical service required to maintain their High Availability customer requirements with older equipment. While I was in Texas last week I spoke to a customer who is still using their R150’s for a critical application, they have about 30 newer filers, but the R150’s are stable and running reliably. They are happy and so are their customers. Their Solution Provider is Zerowait.

There are many alternatives to purchasing new equipment available to the savvy network and storage administrator. Zerowait can provide storage additions, upgrades and support services to customers who are looking for creative solutions at an affordable price.

Our business continues to grow in this tough economic environment, which means that more customers are embracing solutions provided by Zerowait.

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