Visiting the Northeast

Last week I visited customers in NH, MA and NY. None of the customers were talking about any green shoots in their budgets. As a matter of fact, all the customers were looking for ways in which we could help them reduce their costs of operating their storage and networks. One customer is looking into building his own ZFS storage solutions using open source software, another customer is seriously considering outsourcing their storage infrastructure and asked for our helping checking and confirming vendors claims.

It is not only customers in the Northeast that seem to be battening down the hatches on storage and networking expenses.I visited our Southeastern customers a couple of weeks ago and they are also looking at ways to save money. And while our VP of sales was visiting customers in the Northwest last week he ran into more customers that were tightening their budgets and asking for Zerowait support options and ways in which we can save them money.

Companies have figured out that they can get by without upgrading based on manufacturers obsolescence schedules. And Zerowait is growing as more companies learn that they can rely on us for high availability service and support. No matter which way you think the economy is going I think the lesson that IT departments learned is that certainly Legacy equipment can be maintained for quite a long time and save quite a lot of money.

Give us a call if you would like us review your support costs, we will be happy to help .

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