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Did you ever notice that there is an inverse relationship between data archiving budgets and data archiving growth. Data that is accessed once on a blue moon is expensive to store on spinning media, and it is hard to keep track of tapes that seem to get lost, misplaced or erased whenever there is a reporter around.

Lost backup tape prompts IT changes at NY bank – Network World (June 2008)
Officials at Bank of New York Mellon Corp. late last week said it has launched a new policy to encrypt data held on all storage devices and to limit the amount of confidential client data stored on tape drives. The policy was launched after unencrypted backup data tapes were twice lost by third party couriers this year.
Clients’ data missing, Harvard Law warns – The Boston Globe (November 2008)
A technician lost the tape while traveling by subway between the Jamaica Plain office and the law school in Cambridge. It was one of six tapes he had put in his backpack for the trip.
Info on 3.9M Citigroup customers lost (June 2005)
Citigroup, the nation’s biggest financial services company, said that UPS lost the tapes while shipping them to a credit bureau in Texas.

Missing backup tape prompts identity theft fears for JC Penney customers (Jan 2008)
GE said the tape was discovered missing last October by a worker at a warehouse run by Boston-based data-protection and storage company, Iron Mountain Inc.

Cloud based storage is also risky for secondary and tertiary storage, because there is always the possibility of a third party having a business issue, or a malicious employee.

Frequently we are asked by customers if we can help them, and the answer is “yes”. When budgets are tight and mandatory compliance issues are making choices difficult, Zerowait can help with our storage options. We can help put together archiving systems of hundreds of TB’s for a fraction of the cost of most hardware vendors. We have the equipment in stock and ready to configure.

If you need an affordable archiving solution give us a call. High availability storage does not have to break your budget!

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