Storage is a commodity,service is not

A friend of mine wrote me the following “Storage is the last bastion of high margins for IT vendors that make proprietary products. Ethernet, fiber channel, wireless and even operating systems have become commodity products. Storage is a commodity and should be priced accordingly.” He was wondering why the storage vendors can charge so much for their products when all the components are a commodity.

William Wang the CEO of Vizio wrote ” Anything that’s popular will become a commodity. We’re not here to build a cheap product; we’re here to make the product affordable.

At Zerowait we understand why our customers and friends are perplexed by the price of commercially available storage. Everyone should recognizes that the parts are commodities, but integrating them into a High Availability solution that can withstand contact with hundreds of customer environments is tricky.

If you want a purpose built custom built solution built out of commodity parts, you can take a kit builder’s approach and stitch one together fairly inexpensively. But if you want an integrated service and support solution that supplies automatic replacement parts and 24 hour technical support that will add to the cost of goods. Every company determines what risks it can afford to take in a slightly different way. Vendors of high priced storage arrays have worked hard to build their reputations for product reliability.

Zerowait’s customers are looking for long term value and don’t expect commodity service and support. They are looking for outstanding service and support for their high availability storage. Now in our 20th year, we provide an affordable alternative to high priced storage vendors support solutions.

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