Zerowait at EMC World!

Greetings from EMC World 2010! Take a look at our flickr pictures of the show:





May 13- Wrap up.

EMC World 2010 was another great event put on by the folks at EMC. Linda Christensen does a great job. We caught up with a lot of our customers at the show and we met with a number of old friends also. Jon Toor is with now and their booth was busy for most of the show. Phil Van Ettan was also very busy at the booth. Additionally, we had a good conversation with Charles Wood at about their single name space solution. We also had a long and interesting conversation with Simon Robinson of the 451 Group. Robin Harris stopped by to get our view of the storage environment and we had a long conversation with him.

Having our rail kit on hand was a funny experience, some folks looked at us like we were crazy, others couldn’t grab the brochure fast enough.


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