Storage users in the UK understand

I returned from a week in the UK where I was visiting customers. The response I got to our SimplStor product with its single name space storage switch was great. In Europe folks understand that they have to bend the cost curve of storage downward and it does not make sense to pay primary storage prices for secondary and tertiary storage assets.

That is why the storage load balancer makes so much sense. It allows you to automatically migrate data between nodes based on usage and behaviors that you determine are important. For example, highly used and accessed data can stay on high performance expensive OEM arrays and low access or archive data can migrate over to affordable arrays.

This study from a couple of years ago still resonates with our customers today:

During the three-month
period that the network was under scrutiny, more than 90 percent of the material on the servers was never accessed. The researchers captured packets encoded using the Common Internet File System protocol, which Microsoft Windows applications use to save data via a network. About 1.5T of data was transferred.

“Compared to the full amount of allocated storage on the file servers, this represents only 10 percent of data,” Leung said. ‘[This] means that 90 percent of the data is untouched during this three-month period.’

Moreover, among the files that were opened, 65 percent were only opened once. And most of the rest were opened five or fewer times, though about a dozen files were open 100,000 times or more.

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