Data Growth is a hot topic again

Over the weekend I read an article in Investors Business Daily which was talking about the growth of data. It was on Page A10 of the September 26th issue.

“Firms Ride Data Explosion
Posted 09/24/2010 05:31 PM ET
The amount of all digital data created last year, if put on DVDs and
stacked, would reach all the way to the moon and back.
The data would tally up to 800,000 petabytes, with each petabyte equal
to a million gigabytes, up 62% from the prior year. That’s according to a
study by research firm IDC, with funding from storage giant EMC (EMC).”

“In the market for external disk storage systems made by vendors such as EMC and NetApp, global sales in the second quarter rose 20.4%
from a year earlier to $5 billion.
“That’s very good growth,” said Liz Conner, an analyst at research firm IDC. From 2005 to 2009, a typical quarter would show growth below
The Q2 growth was based on a weak sales period the year before, but the trend still looks good.
“Technology budgets are loosening up,” Conner said. The ever-increasing growth in digital data will support demand for storage systems in
good times or bad.
“Everybody is keeping just about everything they create now,” she said.
• Upside: With digital data reaching skyward and the move toward cloud computing and virtualization now getting strong, demand for storage
products and systems has held up even in difficult economic times.”

Many firms that want to control storage acquisition and support costs are already customers of Zerowait.Our new SimplStor Petabyte is gaining a lot of attention from companies looking to control their costs as their archives grow. We will be introducing the product at booth 2513 during thee SEG show in Denver on October 17th.

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