A great week in Australia

This week I was in Australia visiting our customers and talking to them about our SimplStor product line. Our customers in Australia clearly understand that our products can save them a lot of money and one of them pointed me to an information week article that is worth reading. The article ends with this statement.

“Staying with the current paradigm is sustainable only until the unstoppable force of data growth runs smack into the immovable constraint of funding. What happens then? Our money is on the data. To stay competitive, companies of all sizes must explore creative, cost-effective storage alternatives.”

One customer said that using Zerowait for their NetApp Service and support has been great, and as they expand they really like the idea of SimplStor for their secondary storage solution. When combined with the storage switch which provides a single Namespace they get the high end storage they need and their price for disk stays very low. They really liked the idea of the starter kit we introduced this month, as it makes storage reliability both simple and affordable.

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