NetApp 2000 series support

Long time NetApp customers will recall that the FC7, Fc8 and Fc9 shelves came from a company called Eurologic. When NetApp switched to Xyratex for storage shelves it caused a decline in sales for Eurologic from which they never recovered. We still provide support for many of these Eurologic storage shelves to our customers around the world. The Eurologic equipment was well built and even though they are getting old, some clients still have them running and we are still supporting them with our Next Business Day (NBD) hardware support and spares.

It was announced recently that NetApp and Dot Hill have parted ways.

“For the first quarter of fiscal 2011, the company anticipates a decline in net revenues due to seasonal factors and the termination of the relationship with NetApp and currently projects non-GAAP earnings per share to be at or around a break-even level. The analysts are projecting a loss of $0.04 per share for the first quarter.

Whether or not NetApp is planning to continue support for these Filers you can be certain that Zerowait will provide support for 2000 series users that require parts, service and support for many years to come.

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