Zerowait in the news

Last week while I was in the UK I spoke to a few media folks about Zerowait and our services and support. Dave Simpson of InfoStor wrote this in his blog.

“What are your post-lease options?

March 4, 2011 – When your lease or warranty runs out (or even when you’re on lease or warranty), you have a number of options. You can undergo a total technology refresh and buy new systems from your primary storage supplier – an expensive option, and it’s likely that you don’t really need the latest and greatest gear. Or, you can re-up and sign an extended service-and-support agreement with your primary vendor – another expensive option.

Alternatively, you can contract with a third party that provides support for all kinds of IT hardware. But let’s say you’re a NetApp shop: What level of expertise does a general-purpose third party really have on NetApp systems?

A third alternative is to sign a services-and-support contract with a third party that specializes specifically in the type of hardware you have. In the case of NetApp systems, a good example is Zerowait.

Dave’s article goes on to discuss the services and support for NetApp we provide as well as our SimplStor product by talking to one of our customers in Colorado.

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