NetApp’s supply issues

Over the last several weeks I have heard from various customers that NetApp is having a hard time meeting delivery schedules for FAS 3200’s and FAS 6200’s. This has been good for Zerowait’s business since many folks are deciding to increase their storage with equipment from Zerowait which we have in stock.

Additionally, many NetApp customers who are looking for lower cost NetApp solutions that are 64 bit have been asking about the availability of Transferable Licensed 3040’s and FAS3070’s. There are plenty available now and these can certainly help customers who are upgrading get the hardware they need at an affordable price which will run version 8 and above of OnTap.

Over the last several years, as NetApp’s 4th quarter came to an end their customers were able to negotiate better deals on equipment purchases. But with tight supplies NetApp’s sales teams may be be willing to provide hardware upgrades at better prices on equipment that they can deliver by end of quarter. Tight supplies and End of Fiscal Year pressures may combine to create some interesting buying opportunities for NetApp’s customers.

We have had a great 1st quarter and look forward to continued growth this year as the worldwide community of Zerowait customers continues to grow. The sales team at Zerowait has been traveling extensively over the last several months as interest in our affordable NetApp Support gains more customers. And over the next several months we expect this to continue.

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