Storage solutions for the budget crunch

For most of this week I was visiting clients in North Carolina.  Almost all of the clients I met have an expanding storage requirement but a shrinking budget. The chill of austerity has  finally hit storage budgets.

Zerowait offers our customers several solutions that help them maintain their current storage and add additional storage even in these difficult economic times.

1)  Several of the customers I met this week  are using their R200’s, FAS3020’s and FAs3050’s for archiving and are not looking to upgrade, additionally they  can’t afford NetApp’s support contracts – which might not even be available after the end of the year fro some systems.  Zerowait’s Next Business Day hardware support contracts for NetApp Filers start at just $1500.00/yr and are a viable  alternative for customers who are happy with their 32 bit NetApp storage infrastructure.

2) Transferable licenses are a great way to get the NetApp  features you need at a price you can afford. Many clients I met with have taken advantage of Transferable Licensed Systems to get the NetApp systems and storage they need at a price that they can afford. Zerowait has a large variety of Transferable Licensed systems available, call our offices in Europe, USA, or Australia if you need an affordable NetApp storage solution  quickly.

3) Zerowait’s new SimplStor product line is quickly gaining attention from storage administrators around the world. SimplStor starts at just $20K for 68TB and easily expands to a Petabyte.

If your company is struggling with your storage requirements under a tight budget, Zerowait is the answer!





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