Storage support growth

I saw an interesting article today written by Chris Mellor in which he speculates on why NetApp’s market share may be declining.

Firstly, NetApp has slipped from second to third place in the rankings compared to the previous quarter. It had a 13.5 per cent share then but has only 12.8 per cent now; whereas IBM, with whom it has changed places, has grown from a 12.2 per cent share to a 13.7 per cent one.

It is not a significant change as yet,  but as the article explains it is an interesting one. Coincidentally, Zerowait is experiencing a significant increase in our  NetApp support service and support contracts and many of our new customers are turning away from NetApp support and upgrades because they don’t see the value add in NetApp’s forced upgrades anymore.

As the overall macro economy continues to wobble, we see more and more customers looking to conserve cash. Zerowait provides two easy ways  for NetApp’s customers to conserve their IT budget dollars.

First Zerowait’s NetApp support provides our  customers a simple way to get  continued value out of their aging high availability  storage assets.  We are still supporting NetApp systems that are over 10 years old and they are still serving  data reliably.

Second – Zerowait’s SimplStor product line is being embraced by more and more of our NetApp customers as a complementary  and fiscally responsible way to store lower tier data.  Many of our customers are keeping tier one data on their NetApp infrastructure but putting tier two and beyond on our SimplStor products.

If you are looking for an alternative to NetApp’s high priced storage products, licenses, and support why not give one of our offices a call to discuss your storage  issues and infrastructure. Zerowait’s reliable and affordable alternative solutions have been embraced by companies around the world.

As an added bonus for a limited time we are offering our Exception Reporter for free to help you manage your Filers.

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