Interesting Oracle ZFS press release

The Oracle Trade show is this week  in San Francisco and NetApp is a Premier sponsor of the show. I’ll bet the Oracle Press release is making for some interesting conversations with customers at the NetApp booth.

 “Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance delivered 2x the performance
 at less than half the cost per SPC-1 IOPS of NetApp’s FAS 3270A on the
 SPC-1 benchmark (1).”

I made a collage of the different images available on the Web about the press release and the show.

If Oracle’s ZFS solutions are  truly 1/2  the cost and offer twice the performance of NetApp’s current systems I believe that many NetApp customers will be forced to review their IT storage budgets. Our customers include many budget minded  IT staffs that use Oracle on NetApp equipment that Zerowait supports  and this announcement will certainly get their attention.

NetApp equipment has many features that make their storage equipment versatile and reliable. One reason for Zerowait’s continued growth in the NetApp service business is because our customers like the reliability of NetApp,  but not the cost of upgrading their equipment on a three year cycle. Zerowait offers these customers an affordable high availability way to extend the life cycle of their NetApp equipment.

If Oracle begins to offer trade in incentives to Oracle users who migrate  their storage off NetApp gear I think Oracle will get some good traction in the marketplace.


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