Three cheers for an affordable three tiers

The path to a successful storage archive solution should not start with a Root Cause Analysis.   Looking back and pointing fingers is often the easiest path to take, but reviewing your storage strategy and current infrastructure may reveal a very easy and affordable data protection strategy.  Archiving to tape is a great solution but it is not a 100% solution;  tapes get lost, data gets corrupted and often there is an expensive time lapse between a discovery of data loss and its recovery.  Keeping all of your data on tier (1) arrays is expensive and does not make sense for rarely accessed data.  Thanks to our customers’ requests for an affordable end to end solution, Zerowait now has a complete storage solution for customers who love their Filers and are looking to get rid of their tape headaches.

Many of our NetApp customers would like to use NetApp equipment as their tier (2) storage, since it allows them to use the same interface and tools on their tier (1) storage, minimizing management issues, but the cost of new systems is too high to make this work. For these customers Zerowait provides readily available off-lease NetApp systems with transferable licenses to build affordable tier (2)  storage solutions. Many customers locate these systems in remote back-up sites, and our customers snap mirror updates between their Tier (1) NetApp systems and off lease NetApp  tier (2) systems to achieve a reliable archive strategy.

The next tier for many  customers has been  tape, but quite a few of our customers have decided that they are tired of the warehousing  headaches and rush delivery costs  of their tape archives and want to reduce their tape  costs and frustrations. They are replacing all or most of their tape with Zerowait’s SimplStor for tier (3) archival storage.  Using NetApp’s tools,  our customers can mirror their data between NetApp filers in multiple locations and then copy the data to a SimplStor tier (3) archive using standard software tools.  SimplStor costs about the same as tape, but provides instant access when there is the requirement for a quick restoration of data.

Zerowait‘s customers around the world are able to satisfy their requirements for an affordable high reliability storage strategy.   Our customers have embraced  a  strategy  of data tiering strategy using  new  NetApp equipment for tier  (1)  highly accessed data,  off lease Filers for  tier (2)  and  remote mirrors,  and SimplStor for tier (3) archival storage requirements. If you have chosen NetApp for your tier (1) storage, why not use transferable licensed NetApp equipment your tier (2) storage?  It is an obvious cost effective solution.  Our customers in the Animation, Science and Petrochemical business helped us design SimplStor and now are our biggest customers for the product.  They knew they needed a reliable tier (3) solution and they recognized that Zerowait could provide the enterprise support they required.  Thanks to our customers‘ ideas Zerowait now provides high reliability hardware, service and support for all three tiers of enterprise data.  Please contact us if you want to discuss how Zerowait can provide your organization outstanding Quality of Service at a reasonable price.

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