No Disk Shortage at Zerowait!

Yesterday afternoon I had a long conversation with a customer of ours in California that told me that they were looking at some new  NetApp storage equipment, but were told by their Salesperson that the floods in Thailand have rippled through NetApp’s supply chain and that NetApp could not guarantee a delivery time frame. This was predicted by NetApp and discussed by  Thomas Georgeons:

“Looking ahead, the impact of the Thailand flooding can potentially be the biggest swing factor on both our top and bottom line in the second half. The large buyer drives we did, as this was all unfolding, should sustain us through a good part of Q3 but probably not all of it. Although enterprise class drives are considered to be the least impacted, we still anticipate some amount of supply and pricing complexity. We have all heard the predictions of the industry analyst and the drive vendors themselves. Some of the information is conflicting and most of it is changing daily in regards to scope and ultimate impact.”

We are working with this customer and several others to help them get through their end of year storage requirements with transferable licensed filers, and shelves of disks that we have in stock and ready for shipment. 

We want to help  loyal NetApp customers maintain their equipment, and we can help them grow their NetApp infrastructure even during the disk shortage. If you need storage during the shortage, please give us a call at one of our international offices .



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