Zerowait Road Map 2013

Folks often ask us about our road map and we try to make it as simple as possible. Our goal is long term hardware reliability through affordable enterprise-class service and support.  You don’t need a sextant, chronograph and compass to get from where you are to where you are going with Zerowait on your team. Our road map provides an expressway to your destination without the hassles and tolls of your typical vendor.

First, we provide our NetApp customers with a value conscious alternative to NetApp pricing and policies. Our off-lease systems allow our customers to add additional NetApp infrastructure (heads and storage) while staying within today’s reduced budgets. And our highly skilled engineering staff offers the best service and support available for NetApp equipment for as long as customers want to run their systems.

Second, we develop features and hardware for our SimplStor product line as they are requested by our customers to meet their needs. Our platform was designed to allow adaptability to meet our customers’ needs. Sometimes quite a few customers want the same thing and it becomes a standard product or service. In 2013 we are introducing our FC and SSD versions of SimplStor.

ProGPS direct routeviding customers with affordable and reliable long term service and support for their NetApp and SimplStor storage hardware is our goal. If that is your destination also, Zerowait can get you there with GPS precision guidance.


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