A trip to Denver & San Diego

This week I traveled to Colorado and Southern California to visit some of our customers. It has been a busy week. The folks I visited in the Energy and Resources sector in the Denver area were busy and recently we have picked up a lot of business in this sector as their data storage grows and they need to find affordable ways to expand their NetApp storage. Tiering storage  and using our SimplStor products is one way to seriously cut their data storage acquisition and several of our NetApp customers are looking at ways to use both  types of solutions in their architecture, several are using NetApp Filers for Tier one storage and using SimplStor for Tier two, archival and tape replacement strategies. This  seems to be a growth market for Zerowait’s products and services and an easy to implement solution for folks with massive data storage requirements.

The second leg of my trip was to the San Diego area to visit some of our financial, educational, and military customers. I really enjoyed each of the conversations I had and every one of them ran over time as we discussed strategies and storage economics. Our engineering staff is going to be having quite a few technical conference calls over the next few weeks  to discuss strategies, speeds and feeds.

At each of the clients I visited I heard about how our engineering and support staff helps them quickly and makes their lives easier. Many of our customers want us to help them in other parts of their business and we listen and consider these suggestions. After all, our company got into the storage business based on our customers’ requests in the 90’s and we got into the NetApp support business in 2002 based on the requests of our customers. Our SimplStor products were developed with our customers to solve their requirements for affordable archival storage, and recently our clients have asked us develop the Solid State and FC versions of SimplStor.

One of our customers pointed out that the reason Zerowait is so attentive  to customer needs is that the President of the company is personally traveling around to see them. That is the partial answer, but over the years we have put together a great staff that understands that keeping customers happy is the best way to run a growing business.

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