Exporter of the Year

This week Zerowait received the Exporter of the Year award. It was a great event and it was an interesting evening meeting other award winners and listening to their business histories and stories. The common thread of the evening was that people can have a dream and build a business through hard work and dedication to providing their customers outstanding service and support. In Zerowat’s case the business has expanded internationally over the past two decades thanks to the support of our customers and our growing team of employees.

Zerowait’s team is working on several new initiatives this year to expand our product line to provide our growing customer list the service, support, and hardware solutions they need for their ever growing storage requirements. And as you can see from my recent posts there are customers for Zerowait equipment all over the world.

Our business is growing and in the next few weeks we will be crisscrossing the country visiting customers throughout the USA. The next big event we will be attending is the RedHat event in Boston. I hope to see you there.

If you are interested in the speech I gave at the awards banquet here is the link.




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