A Bridge to the Future

boulder mountainsOver the last couple of weeks I have been visiting customers in Colorado and found that many of NetApp’s customers are distressed by the costs of upgrading to OnTap 8.2, which include new hardware (in many cases), training and data migration. Migrations are never easy, and with the corporate mantra these days being “doing more with less” finding spare cycles in an IT department to develop and document the migration plan, then schedule and implement it with limited staff is alienating many of NetApp’s customers.

The majority of IT departments don’t have the expertise to handle data migrations, and justifying another proprietary upgrade for storage hardware is at odds with management’s push to reduce costs (both capital and ongoing support) using open source and commoditized solutions. These customers, and many more, are yearning for an affordable storage solution for tomorrow and the next 5 years or more, and the media is beginning to notice.

Is this perception true? Possibly – and the IDC numbers and NetApp’s own recent results, with flat-lining revenues indicate that something is not quite right in Sunnyvale. The filer lion king is turning, just maybe, into a floppy old beast and needs to reinvigorate its carnivore approach to the storage business.

In a tough economy, storage administrators need a trusted advocate on their side to help bend the costs down and Zerowait has a set of alternative solutions to help customers whether they want to maintain their legacy NetApp infrastructure, migrate to an affordable and reliable open source solution, or migrate up to 8.2. In addition to providing long term legacy NetApp support, allowing you to capture the maximum ROI from your current NetApp investment, our engineering staff has the broad storage and network experience to provide assistance in data migrations, whether supplementing your staff or managing a turn key migration. And for those looking to contain costs by taking advantage of the open source  x86 environment, our SimplStor product line delivers highly reliable, affordable  storage with the enterprise support and auto notification limited IT staffs need to ensure availability.

Zerowait has support, migration, and alternative hardware solutions that will help you build a bridge to your Future data storage requirements.  www.zerowait.com

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