More Storage, More Flexibility, Less Money – Balance Required

Since we introduced our SimplStor Affordable Petabyte earlier this year we have had quite a few of our NetApp support customers ask us if we could provide them with a special feature or two for their environment if they migrated to SimplStor. Our SimplStor platform was designed to be flexible while NetApp builds a standardized product and forces their customers to adapt their workflows to their products. Zerowait’s philosophy is to build a flexible product that adapts to our customers’ environments.

To make it easy for our customers to move to SimplStor, our first job was to create an extremely flexible financing and leasing program. Our program includes trade-in value for used NetApp equipment and other incentives to help our customers match their workflows and storage requirements to their budgets. Job number 2 was to create a set of inter-operable hardware solutions that could grow with our customer’s needs.

Our customers wanted Scalability, Flexibility, and Reliability in an affordable high-density package. Quite the balancing act! We are now shipping to our customers systems that range from 120TB in 2U to a 1 Petabyte solution in 8U that scales to 7.5 Petabytes in a standard rack.

If you would like to discuss this solution which provides you with the flexibility needed to migrate your data to a very affordable and scalable storage solution, please feel free to contact us with a time/date to arrange a conference call with you and your team.


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