Win, Place, or Show with Zerowait!

Zerowait has the winning solution for your storage requirements!Is your data storage infrastructure growing in volume and complexity at a faster rate than your storage budget is?  While some of your data storage requires storage from  this year’s winner in the magic quadrant, there is probably a large amount of storage that needs to be reliable, but requires the safety and reliability that that a proven solution provides. Migrating to the latest and greatest is often risky, why take chances with the bulk of your storage requirements?  Zerowait provides our customers with solutions they can depend on, without the headaches of the magic quadrant solutions.

Transferable Licensed NetApp Is Affordable Magic Quadrant Storage: Starts At Under $10K.Transferable Licensed Filers
Our savvy customers have been purchasing off-lease NetApp systems from us for over a decade. When you need Magic Quadrant storage, but can’t justify the markup, Zerowait has a solution that will fit your needs. By watching our list of currently available NetApp Transferable Licensed Storage, you can save a fortune on your tier one storage requirements.

Additional NetApp Storage Upgrades And Parts
Sale Items featured here NetApp makes reliable equipment, and Zerowait stocks equipment and service parts in ourlocations around the world. Every part we sell has been tested twice before it ships to a customer and our engineering team is recognized and recommended by NetApp’s partners around the world. It is a safe bet that whether you are replacing a drive or doing a data center migration Zerowait has the parts and engineering expertise to help you accomplish your goals. You can depend on Zerowait.

SimplStor Is Affordable, Reliable, Big Storage
SimplStor - Affordable Big Storage Could you imagine ten years ago that you could buy a Petabyte in 8U for under $100K? Zerowait made this a reality for our customers in 2017. If you are looking for an affordable long term storage solution that can grow with your requirements, Zerowait’s SimplStor product line is the answer.

We appreciate your interest in our products, and if you call us at 302.996.9408 we will give you a 5% coupon code you can use on any item in our online store this month. If you want to contact us about your storage needs with atime/date to arrange a conference call with you and your team please click on the link or give us a call at 888.811.0808.

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