Our 20th Year of Winning NetApp Support Contracts!

Winning NetApp Support Contracts for 20 years!

Zerowait – The Service and Support Choice of Winners!


Our automotive racing customers need to rely on their Pit Crew to win races, and they depend on Zerowait to make certain that their storage systems can keep them in the lead. Our customers are winners, and they need our engineering team to be ready to handle the unexpected. We have a large stock of parts in depots around the world, in house developed tools, and 20 years of experience providing NetApp storage and support to customers around the globe. Winning races requires attention to detail, practice, innovation and talent. Racing customers and our customers in competitive business know they can rely on Zerowait to be ready when they need us.

When the winning driver is interviewed at the end of the race, he always acknowledges his pit crew. They prepare the car before the race, provide the strategy to run the race, and take care of the car during the race. The driver knows he wouldn’t be able to start, never mind finish or hopefully win, without his crew.

Modern pit crews can do amazing things. At Le Mans, they change 4 tires, refuel the car, change the driver, and restart the car in less than 45 seconds, and they do that 25 times in 24 hours. At Indianapolis, they change 4 tires and refuel the car in less than 10 seconds and do that 5 times in the 500 Miles. And in Formula 1 they change 4 tires in just 1.89 seconds, possibly only 1 time, so there is no room for error.

IT managers know they need a great pit crew as well, and at Zerowait we practice constantly to be the best when you need us. Whether installing new hardware, repairing broken systems, or working on the best strategy for growth and upgrades, Zerowait makes sure it’s clients are winners. Here are some of the tools we have to make sure you win the race:

1. ZPA – Zerowait Product Assurance.Hardware Support
Your NetApp support shouldn’t cost more after year 3, or end after 5 years, and with Zerowait it doesn’t. We offer Autosupport monitoring, 24/7 access to engineering, and Next Business Day parts at affordable rates and for as long as you want to use your NetApp hardware. Let us show you how inexpensive continuing support can be.
2. ITS – Incidental Technical Support.
Technical SupportIf your older NetApp system is no longer in a critical application and you can afford longer down time, our ITS (time and materials support) may be all you need. We will work with you to diagnose the problem and determine the solution, then send the parts as required.
3. Exception Reporter – Autosupport Monitoring.
Exception Reporter - Autosupport Monitoring Storage If, like so many of our customers, your budget is tight, and your personnel count is down, we can assist by monitoring your less critical NetApp systems, to let you know when you need ITS, giving your staff time to do other critical tasks.
We appreciate your interest in our products and services, and if you call us at 302.996.9408 we will give you a 5% coupon code you can use on any item in our online store this month.If you would like to set up a conference call to discuss any of these solutions, please click on this link contact us about your storage and support needs with a time/date to arrange a conference call with you and your team or give us a call at 888.811.0808.
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