Zerowait Is A Safe Harbor for your Data Storage Needs

Going off OEM support does not mean you are adrift and alone at sea! Zerowait offers a safe harbor for your legacy NetApp data storage—and more!

In fact, Zerowait has specialized in solutions to maximize customer investment in data storage for over 20 years, and we have been in business for even longer–30 years! We take the long view, and don’t push you for an upgrade every couple of years. Our trained storage engineers’ preference is to keep what works working! Whether you need affordable NetApp support, more NetApp storage–additional shelves or transferable licensed systems–or a custom-tailored SimplStor solution that meets your unique performance and workload requirements Zerowait has the answer! We have the systems, processes and background to provide you with stable and reliable storage and support solutions that allow you to enjoy your job again.

Zerowait provides EOL support for NetApp filers!ONE — Need a Safe Harbor for your Legacy System?

cDOT Special: Start any new support contract for a NetApp cDOT system and get 15% off annual pricing. Applies to old and new customers. New system contracts only.

Licensed filers in Stock
TWO – Don’t Migrate — Add to your Current Storage!

Shelf/Drive Specials:

  • DS4243/X306A (2TB SATA):$1,995
  • DS4246/X306A (2TB SATA): $2,495

Transferable Licensed Filer Specials:

  • FAS3140HA Single Chassis, Dual Controller, Cluster: Only $2,000 (ID 7934)
  • FAS3160HA Single Chassis, Dual Controller, Cluster: Only $2,275 (ID 7624)

To see more Transferable Licensed Systems and details on these systems click here.

SimplStor Storage the affordable big storage solution THREE – Want to Simplify your Navigation?

Combine SimplStor with our partner Catalogic’s DPX software for a low cost, easy to use, NDMP Archive solution.

  • Supports NDMP backups for NetApp storage and other NDMP-compliant NAS devices.
  • Backup to disk and tier to tape or cloud for long-term data archiving.
  • Innovative, cost-effective licensing options.
  • Supports NetApp CAB (Cluster-Aware Backup), an NDMP v4 protocol extension.
  • Standalone archive support, or integrated with a full backup solution.
  • Click here to tell us more about your application, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Over the last twenty years technology has changed, and many storage and networking market leaders have come and gone, but Zerowait continues to grow because we put our customers’ requirements first every day.

To set up a conference call to discuss your storage and support needs, please click on this link to contact us with a time/date, or simply give us a call at 888.811.0808.

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