Critical Equipment Failure, Resolved

PlaneAs many of you know, about a month ago while flying from Texas to Delaware, our prop governor failed right after taking off from a stop in Tennessee. The plane is now repaired and back in the hangar! Turns out that the prop governor seal wasn’t the only issue. Once that was fixed, my cylinders weren’t firing right and–behold!–there was a hole in one of the pistons. Luckily, the A&P mechanics at the airport where we landed were well-known experts in just these problems. It’s now fixed and I go this week to get the plane.

Which brings me to storage [doesn’t it always!?]. With regular maintenance, most equipment (especially NetApp filers) just keep running along smoothly. But even regular maintenance can’t catch everything, and when something untoward occurs, you need an expert to get to the bottom of it. Just as those A&Ps were known for their engine expertise, Zerowait is known for ours in data storage.

Experience and documentation pay off by building the confidence and the specialized knowledge to handle a difficult situation and know what steps to take to safely and securely solve the immediate problem. In my case, my training kicked in so I could land the plane safely. After that, I relied on the expert A&Ps to figure out the cause and fix it.

Lastly, I find out what steps I need to follow to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Similarly, when we encounter a network or storage issue at Zerowait or with our customers we first ensure the system and data are secure, then we isolate the issue. Using our documentation, specialized knowledge, and experience we get the systems back to stability and serving data reliably.

Zerowait provides EOL support for NetApp filers!ONE Reduce the likelihood of a storage meltdown with Active Monitoring. Included with every Zerowait Parts Assurance (ZPA) policy, Active Monitoring takes advantage of our Exception Reporter’s ability to alert us quickly to any error messages your filer system sends out.

  • ZPA Special: Start any new support contract for a NetApp FAS system and get 15% off annual pricing. Applies to old and new customers. New system contracts only.

Licensed filers in Stock TWOOff-lease, Transferable Solutions. When you need to upgrade a system, transferable licenses might be just the ticket.

  • FAS2240, FAS2554, FAS3240, FAS8060, FAS3250 and more are available!
  • Configurable with SATA, SSD, and/or SAS drives.
  • Choose from a variety of license packages.
  • Eligible for NetApp support contracts or ZPA.

To see more Transferable Licensed Systems and details on these systems click here.SimplStor Storage the affordable big storage solutionTHREETired of overpaying for backup software and appliances? Check out the vStor25T 25TB DPX backup appliance at $35,500

SimplStor vStor backup appliances are low-cost, high performance devices that can replace your current backup for less than the cost of maintenance.These tightly integrated SimplStor/DPX software solutions enable you to quickly deploy a new DPX infrastructure or add secondary storage to your existing DPX enterprise.

vStor offers platform-native snapshots that are integrated with DPX block-level backups for instant data and system recovery, and include data reduction via both data deduplication and compression. Replication is included.

  • 12 bay/2U chassis
  • Dual intel Quad Core processors and 64GB RAM
  • Includes DPX software with ZFS operating system
  • Intel P4800X 375GB for metadata
  • Dual 10GbE ports.
  • First Year SimplSupport – Monitoring, 24/7 access to engineering, and NBD (Next Business Day) parts replacement.

Click here to learn more about our appliances and to request a custom build (36- and 60-bay chassis are available for larger configurations.Over the last twenty years technology has changed, and many storage and networking market leaders have come and gone, but Zerowait continues to grow because we put our customers’ requirements first every day.

To set up a conference call to discuss your storage and support needs, please click on this link to contact us with a time/date, or simply give us a call at 888.811.0808.



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