The Secret to Lower Cost Storage


Data storage giants DO NOT use proprietary storage systems for a very good reason. Because they cost too much! Let Zerowait’s storage experts show you how to build an open-source storage replacement that solves ALL of your business needs AND stretches your IT budget much farther.

Launched a decade ago for our NetApp customers who were ready to save even more, SimplStor is our feature-rich, reliable and fast alternative to any proprietary storage system.

Hundreds have already selected SimplStor and Zerowait can show you the way! Before you move more data into the cloud or pour more money into another proprietary system that holds you hostage, talk to a Zerowait Storage Architect. You have nothing to lose!

And until you are ready to take that step, Zerowait always provides budget saving 24×7 NetApp support options and affordable upgrades – usually half the cost of NetApp direct and 100% guaranteed.

Saving IT budgets for over two decades, Zerowait is the storage partner you can trust.

Email or call 1.888.811.0808 to learn more.

Michael Linett – President
Zerowait Corporation

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support 
Affordable NetApp Monitoring!
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