NetApp EOS Got You Spooked?


Your filers are working fine and have been for years, supporting a critical workload in a complex environment where changes and downtime are disruptive and extremely costly. Then a NetApp rep darkly intones the fateful words: Your filers are approaching End of Support; you should replace them. An IT nightmare looms in your mind.

Don’t get spooked! Zerowait supports NetApp FAS/V/AFF products, current AND back to your oldest legacy filers. We’ll cut your spending as well! Best of all, Zerowait is a company you can trust. We have been supporting NetApp systems 24×7 for over two decades!

Zerowait offers maintenance, remote monitoring, spare parts, upgrades, expansion shelves and even entire filers. All at prices far less than buying anything equivalent from NetApp, and without the risk of buying from a less experienced, less reliable source. Zerowait even offers hourly troubleshooting, consulting services and administrative advice.

Fear not the spectre of EOS, EOL, EOA!!!

Email or call 1.888.811.0808 to learn more.

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support 

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