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Zerowait is known world-wide for our expert 3rd party NetApp support. Keeping legacy filers going is what we do. At the same time, we recognize that for some customers, an open-source, non-proprietary solution might be better. For those customers we have a fully hybrid data storage solution.

Zerowait’s SimplStor Z is now available on-prem, on VM or on the AWS Cloud, providing high availability and a full-featured, modern copy-on-write file system comparable to the likes of NetApp without the hassles of proprietary licenses, arbitrary End of Life dates, and storage limits.

Snapshots, Mirroring, Compression, Encryption, Deduplication: SimplStor Z does it all, and more. Plus, you can have all this and save 30% or more over a NetApp solution.

Do you have time to talk next week to discuss your 2022 storage plans? We are  available at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at



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