NetApp / Microsoft Authentication Issue

The Zerowait team has learned of an issue affecting NetApp users with legacy systems and also some newer units. We are working on ways to help customers work through the issue to provide uninterrupted data delivery from their Filers.

1) Microsoft Windows is enforcing a security policy (CVE-2022-38023) and this will affect all NetApp systems’ ability to authenticate to a Windows domain using NTLM/Netlogon.

2) There are patches within certain versions of ONTAP that fix the issue, so upgrading to those patches should be done soon if you have a current support contract with NetApp.

3) The Microsoft full Enforcement phase starts July 11, 2023. Prior to this date, if you do not have the ability to upgrade your ONTAP, there may be a temporary workaround available.

4) We are aware of a Version 7 workaround that was valid in certain ONTAP versions until April 11, 2023, but are unsure if it is still available.

5) We have found a potential workaround for customers using Workgroup Mode.

For more information on this issue please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at

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