CentOS – Detour Changes Roadmap for 2024


Pretty much everybody knows by now that IBM / RedHat have decided to change what had been a successful strategy for getting people to embrace their version of Linux—by providing the associated, parallel free version, CentOS. This bought RedHat a great deal of good will in the community, with many CIOs and CTOs still choosing the paid RHEL support path. However, this has changed. CentOS will no longer be available or developed the same way after 2024. Their strategy in doing this, based on an email I just saw from RedHat, appears to be to upsell everyone to the paid version of support. They may be following another brand’s failed marketing strategy.

I was talking with one of our customers and he said, “This reminds me of New Coke”.

Time will tell, but it seems to us that, based on customer comments and the SimplStor storage systems we have been building in 2023, quite a few CentOS and RHEL customers aren’t happy with this change in direction.

For example, we are doing a hardware refresh for a customer with a lot of older SimplStor servers. They were on paid RHEL with XFS. The new units, though? Windows Server 2019. Other customers have had us rebuild their CENTOS Linux ZFS SimplStor servers with Windows Server 2019. That is a niche that I never expected.

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