Ok, I have been talking a lot about Zerowait and giving you a bit of a look into Zerowait’s past; well, I have good reason for doing this. If I expect you to take the advice that Zerowait will give, contract Zerowait for your support needs, and buy Zerowait products, then I have to show you that they are the best.

I know I have already posted one link to a Jon Toigo article, but I’m going to post another, in fact over time I will probably post more. You see, Jon is definitely recognized as an expert in the field and he, as well as many others, thinks of Zerowait in the same way. He often calls Zerowait to ask their opinion or quote them for an article he is writing.

Here is a link to a 2003 Jon Toigo article, Addressing Storage Growth with Limited Budgets. Check it out then call Zerowait to help you with your company’s concerns, growth plans, and support needs.

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