I was talking to Mike Linett the other day and he mentioned something that was very interesting. He said that many of Zerowait’s customers have been asking about the FAS270. You see it sounds life a great deal, a fast, easy, and inexpensive system. At least that’s what NetApp’s test numbers show.

There is a major flaw in test numbers; just take a look at who is doing the testing. Wouldn’t it be in NetApp’s best interest to have test numbers that look real good? If it were my job to set up a test for the sales department, I would make sure that the configuration set up and data used be just the right stuff to make the equipment look lightning fast and flawless. That’s called making the boss happy.

Another option is to go to an independent source for testing, however, the test configuration and the files used in the testing may not be the same as what you use. So something that sounds really good may not work for you.

Now back to the FAS270, we are lead to believe that it is a fast, easy, and inexpensive system. Just take a look at these test numbers on the FAS270 and keep in mind these numbers are from Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Now compare these numbers test numbers on the F840. It looks to me like in two very similar tests, the older out dated F840 is actually faster and better than the newer FAS270.
Sounds like the 840 is what you want, but you can’t get one from NetApp anymore. So what do you do? Call Zerowait!

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