Sometimes an article can tell you something completely unrelated to the main topic. For example, this July 2001 article from is about tracking and planning of inventory; however, there is a sentence in there that NetApp users may be very interested in. Almost hidden at the bottom of the first page, it says, “As a result, NetApp needs to recycle defective parts, many of which can be repaired, as quickly as possible…Yet customers are receiving new boards only between 20 and 30 percent of the time. The trick is to maximize the use of a given part before it reaches its inevitable moment of obsolescence.”

I hope the local pet store doesn’t adopt this philosophy with their gold fish, or I may be making far to many trips there to keep live fish in the kids new tank. “Better hurry up and get that one out the door it’s now healthy but getting pretty old.”

Did you know that your replacement parts from NetApp are more than likely used? Could it be that they are not just used, but rebuilt, or even an unchanged piece of another bad system?

When you get a used part from Zerowait, you can be sure that it has been thoroughly checked. Zerowait tests, inspects, and runs all used equipment once when it comes in, then once again before it leaves to go to the customer. All equipment is run, or burned in, for a reasonable amount of time, to insure that it will function to the high standards that you expect.

I have also heard rumors that Neospex will be offering new compatible drives with a three-year replacement warranty. Once in production, they will be available through their exclusive distributor, none other than Zerowait.
Now for the moral of the story. Get your compatible & used equipment from the used/remanufactured equipment specialists, Zerowait! With years of experience, Zerowait can supply you with a system and/or hardware support to keep you up and running. If new and compatible is more to your liking, Neospex, through Zerowait, may soon be able to help you with that too.

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