Many of us have heard the term “5 Nines” in reference to reliability. But do we really know what that means? I found an old article, from 2002, that explains the term and what it really means. 5 Nines is less than 5 minutes 15 seconds of down time per year!

It is interesting to note that the nations electrical grid has an average of 8 hours down time per year, which is 99.9% availability, or 3 Nines. The Zerowait engineers tell me that their average response time to an emergency outage call is 15 to 20 minutes (usually much less), which is actually better than 99.99%, or 4 nines.

How reliable is your network and can Zerowait make it better? Give the Zerowait engineers a call, they are more reliable than your electric service and can help you make your network more reliable as well!

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