Recently, we have gotten a slew of calls from customers who are startled by the cost of
upgrading to a NetApp 940 or 960 from an F840. Most of the customers I talk too simply want to add storage to their units, but NetApp is trying to force them to upgrade. We reccomend the simple drive swap alternative. If you have 36GB or 72 GB drives why not just upgrade those drives to 144GB drives? Zerowait will provide a trade in value on the 36’s and provide you with 144’s at a price point that keeps you well within your budget. More storage and a lower price point !

Talking about budgets, I was talking to a “C” level fellow the other day who was complaining that if he bought the new NetApp equipment he would have to reduce his staff levels because the licenses were so expensive. I suggested that he simply use transferable licensed equipment and then he could maintain his staff and increase his storage.

Transferable licensed NetApp filers are available from Zerowait and we can ship them right away. So you can maintain your service levels if you purchase your storage wisely. Now that is
Storage Resource Management (SRM)!

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