When asked about building strong customer relationships, this is what Mike Linett, President of Zerowait had to say, “All customers are different. So are their networks. That’s why there are no cookie cutter solutions for high availability, despite what some vendors will tell you. Further, “Bleeding Edge” technology isn’t necessarily the answer. There’s your investment in legacy equipment to consider, for one thing, and shifting corporate objectives, for another. Often, networks mutate rather than evolve, changes coming in reactive mode to crisis. As a result, IT staffers are overworked and have little time for planning and design tasks. Maintaining data security and availability become acts of defensive warfare rather than carefully considered preventive measures.

The good news is that data security and availability are possible, largely within the bounds of your current architecture. It sometimes just takes a knowledgeable outside observer to pinpoint troublesome areas and recommend simple steps for improving those areas. Many times, rethinking the existing environment will solve the problem; other times the addition of cutting edge technologies is required. Zerowait can assist during all phases-from analysis, planning, transition, and implementation. We’re also there afterward, to ensure continued satisfaction.”

In the many years that I have been involved with Mike Linett and the fine folks at Zerowait, I have noticed that they go out of their way to keep their customers happy. All good companies have good friends who become customers; Zerowait has customers that become good friends. At Zerowait, a happy customer is a future customer and a friend for life.

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